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Daniel Bard


Hello!! I'm Daniel Bard. I'm from Toronto, Canada. I went to university in Ottawa. During the summers I worked as a tennis instructor for both kids and adults. I  enjoyed teaching, which helped me to decide to come and teach English in Japan in 1998.

During my time in Japan, I have had many wonderful experiences. I have had a chance to travel all around Japan and many countries in Asia. 

After ten years working as an instructor, trainer and manager, I decided to open my own school. The experience has been great!! I have met many interesting  students and have many fantastic memories!!

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy many sports, such as soccer, ice hockey, running, tennis, skiing and golf. I also have a big interest in business and current events. 

I hope to meet you soon!!

Hi! Im John. I'm from Ireland and I have lived in Japan for 13 years. I came to Japan to experience a totally different culture to my own and I liked it so much that i stayed! I enjoy cycling and swimming to keep fit and i love listening to and playing music. I have taught English to all ages and all abilities in Japan and i enjoy watching my students improve!

John McGowan



Maki Harris




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